Abby Dishi

Empowerment and Communication Coach

Identify and Create Your  Path

Tired of being stuck? Tired of knowing what to do but not doing it? Tired of living someone else’s life?

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is powered by the coach-client relationship. The foundational philosophy is that the client posseses the answers within.

The coach’s job is to guide.

As your coach I listen to your desires, streamline your goals, solidify your vision, and give you a “road map.”

I formulate a step by step program specifically geared to your goals.


Just as sports coaching develops physical muscles, life coaching develops emotional and mental muscles through steady and consistent application of practical tools.

You have all of the answers inside you. You just need the right “toolbox” to access them.

These tools help you shape your thoughts, choose your actions, and define your choices.

  • You choose your destination.

  • You chart your course.

    I help you get there…

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to define my goal?

Yes, because the more specific you are, the quicker you progress. I assist you to define your goal in our initial phone call.

2. How much time will it take?

Between 10-15 sessions, each 50 minutes.

3. How can I identify my specific problem?

I design my questions to meet your personal needs and together we define your course of action.

4. How can I chart my progress?

At the end of every session I provide you with an evaluation form as well as exercises and tools catered to your specific goals.

Communication Coaching for Parents 

Stop Arguing!

4 steps to increase your child’s self esteem, improve conflict resolution, drive decision making and chart success.


From Dream to Goal

Step by step guide for you and your children to create, define and execute your goals.

Personal Empowerment

"The New You"- 4 STEPS

Accelerate your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being through meditation, yoga, proper nutrition, and skin care.

Are You Master or Slave To Your Schedule?

Time Management workshop designed to streamline priorities and improve efficiency.

About Me


I released fear, blockages and obstacles at the Tony Robbins  2019 Unleash Your Power seminar in Miami.
 My passion is to empower women to take superb physical and emotional care of themselves, realize their inner potential, and maximize their communication tools as parents.
I graduated Barnard College, worked on Capitol Hill, and worked as an attorney upon graduating law school in Washington D.C.
Years later, when my children were born, I chose to stay at home full-time.
That choice shaped my destiny.
It set the foundation for me to appreciate the strength, power and insights that we as women possess to make powerful and lasting connections with ourselves and our families.
I chose to switch my career from law to coaching and in 2013 opened my coaching business, “Creative Coaching.”
I am  blessed to impact lives and make a difference for women and children.
In the words of Tony Robbins, ” where focus goes, energy flows.”
We don’t all need to walk on coals….
but we all need to get unstuck.
Movement is power.
Make your move.


Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the team building presentation your made at Young Israel International. 
Your organisation of materials & your teaching style was spot on. 
Linda Geller

Abby is an engaging, charismatic speaker who presents
material and connects to her audience with laser sharp
focus. She is passionate about her work and impacts
peoples lives

D.M. Jerusalem

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Create Your Own Path Today!